Monday, 16 February 2015

Legion Seeker Squad "The Raven's Vengeance"

Seeker squad members are recruited from the finest shots in the Legion and tasked with the identification and elimination of the enemy's command structure. To aid them in the kill, Seeker squads are usually equipped with either bolters loaded with special issue ammunition or combi-weapons such as plasma melta.
It was the job of a Seeker Squad strike force to identify and take out an enemy's command structure, its warlords, officers, priests, demagogues, whatever form their commanders took, and slay them with a well-placed bolt round while the chaos of battle raged around them. The Alpha Legion are said to have first crystalised this tactic and squad configuration, with the Emperor's approval, which soon spread to the other Legions, although its use sat poorly within the combat doctrine of some. Often, a Seeker strike force would be forced to rely on the briefest window of opportunity to take down their targets at close range.

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